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Aliens Monsters HELP!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Actually it's just a lost crawfish. We had a huge rain one evening and the next day this guy was meandering down our front walk. I came up behind him with my camera to take a pic and he flopped awkwardly around and gave me his meanest look, pincers extened, to intimidate me. Would have been more intimidating if he was bigger than 3 inches long, maybe 2 wide...

I'm in the mood for Fallllllll....

Ylang Ylang Lemon Blended Creme Soap

Lovely Butterflies

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm loving this gorgeous necklace from Kira Ferrer. Beautiful and unique, love love!!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is me, Halloween 2004. What a goofy face I'm making. That's my tough pirate face, haha!
Don't forget to talk like a pirate today you scalliwags!!

Heavenly Frogs - ON SALE NOW!!

Stress Reduction Advice

Here is a little advice for stress reduction from Gee, Pioneer Woman's mom. My mom has also told me how to do deep breathing and how beneficial it is, but while I try to do it, I often forget. Keep breathing everyone! :D

Funny Peanut

This is our niece on C's side. She's such a character, a big sweetie and a whole lotta fun. I wish we saw her and her bro and sis more often. HUGS!!

Pick up stix

Little Owl Earrings


Monday, September 15, 2008

This picture is so incredible that I really thought it had to be a fake, but it is truly migrating stingrays. I can't even imagine how awesome this would be to see in person, holy toledo!!

Tiptoe through the tulips

From this spring... A lone tulip.

Illustration Friday - Island

Friday, September 12, 2008

The lions take a picnic to the island sometimes. It's a lovely little getaway.

Reunion Part 6 - Short story

**To start from the beginning of the story, click here.**

“So, Lily, how’s school going?” my uncle, Evan, asked me with a whiskery smile that he’d had forever it seemed.

“Okay, I guess. I’m still trying to decide what to major in, and my friends and I are still trying to find a place to live next year,” I replied rolling my eyes and shaking my head.

He made some noncommittal remark. His attention turning back to my parents they started to discuss recent events. I sat there for a while listening to them hash over events. They all had to talk about everyone’s health, their parents health, their friends health. The list of people went on and on. The reminiscing, like eulogies for the past that was long gone, so long ago that they had to remind each other of what had happened. Finally I stood up abruptly and walked toward the back door. Opening it I walked out into the backyard. Everyone looked up at me, but I kept walking. My mom asked where I was going, but without answering I shut the door. The green yard sloped down to a stream that ran lazily between the backyards of the houses on either side. Walking down towards it I kicked off my sandals and waded in up to my knees. The chill of the water felt great in the heat of the afternoon. I leaned over and splashed some water up with my hand.

Feeling like someone was watching me I looked over at the houses across the stream. A guy about my age was standing in the backyard of one of the houses looking at me. I tilted my head against the sun and my shyness and smiled tentatively at him. He smiled back at me just as someone yelled, “Hey Garret, are you coming.” Then he turned and walked in the house.

I smiled to myself. Swinging one foot I kicked at the water. Then I crouched down in the water until it was up around my neck. I leaned back and floated on the water. My light short dress, once dry and swirling in the light Colorado breeze clung to me like a like a shroud. Standing I turned to look at the house my long hair streaming with the water down my back. My cousin, Kally stood in the shadow of the porch. I walked toward the bank and walked up into the yard towards her. We approached each other warily like strange dogs, testing reactions that hung as tangible in the air as a scent. Unsmiling we stopped barely a foot apart.

As one we reached for each other in an embrace that covered the miles and the years and brought us up to the present. Smiling we looked at each other.

“I was so worried that something would have changed,” I said to her with a smile as wide as the sky and as bright as the sun.

“Me too,” Kally answered with a matching smile. We hugged again and linking arms we walked up to the house.

I realized that Kally and I could live as far apart as the earth and the moon and it wouldn’t change a thing. We’re friends and that’s how it’s always going to be. Neither time nor distance will separate us.

El Fin

Mushroom goodness

Glub glub squawk!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Check this hilarious walkin' fish from Squishy Fish! Cracks me up. :)
This story by Pioneer Woman about her brother Mike gave me goosebumps. It is so good for my soul to read stories about wonderfully kind people.

Reunion Part 5 - Short story

***To start from the beginning of the story, click here***

Waking up some time later because of the change in motion, I realized that we were almost to their house. I sat up and pushed back my long hair. A few minutes later we pulled into my uncle’s driveway.

My mom’s “Lily, are you coming?” dragged me back. I got slowly out of the car and walked around to get my bags. Looking expectantly towards the house, I waited, but no one came out.

Swallowing hard, I grabbed my bags and hung back to be the last to walk up to the house. As we approached the door, it swung open.

My uncle walked out, a big smile lighting his face.

“Hey, you finally made it,” he boomed in a voice that had been a part of my life for as long as I could remember. He gave each of us a hug. Even as he hugged me I kept an eye out for whomever else might come out.

“Come on in,” he instructed, holding the door open for us, “the kids went over to their grandma’s house. They won’t be back for a while.”

Looking over at me my uncle said musingly, “You two girls used to wait around the house all day until the other one of you got there. It was as if you couldn’t bear to waste a minute of your time together.”

I nodded and looked away.

My face must have shown my disappointment because my mom came over and squeezed my shoulders and smiled at me. Smiling weakly back at her, I put my arms around her and give her a squeeze. Then pulling away I followed Joe into the house.

*To be continued, click here to read Part 6.**

The many faces of Handsome Pooch

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is the look he gives you when you take his ball away to try to get a picture of him without it. What do you think he's thinking?? Comment with a caption and I'll send the author of my favorite caption an 8 x 10 of The Pooch!

New from Moody Girl Aromatherapy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

You are going to want to try these Bath Taffy Bars from Moody Girl Aromatherapy. Crazy bubbly and they smell wonderful! I have all four scents and tonight I tried the orange ginger, love love love. I'm convinced i need to take MORE bubble baths... Who knows, maybe lavendar mint tomorrow?? I'm going to need more of these babies....


I bought this nightstand this weekend. I am planning on painting it cuz country blue isn't my thing. Maybe granny apple smith green? Red? Haven't decided yet and our room decor is still up in the air too. I have a comforter I LOVE for my old double bed, but haven't found one I love for our queen bed....

C bought a new computer this weekend. Got it home, opened it up and guess what he found INSTEAD of a computer? Some 3 lb. weights. It was so bizarre. Best Buy was really cool about it, thank heavens.


I found this pretty in Shipshewana (I added the light wire and beads on the handle!!).

Maira Kalman Interview

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Interesting interview with Maira Kalman on Lori Pickert's blog Inspiration Boards.

I love this quote from the interview, "My secret for drawing is not a secret. It is sitting down and drawing. I do the best I can which means I try not to do it right but just to do it as I feel and as I see."

The Pooch's game

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Pooch has an addiction... Well, other than chewing up his toys. Every time he sees a tire laying around, he HAS to drop his ball in it. I've never actually seen him get it out, but he still drops it in. Today he only did it once. Either he's learning or getting lazy.

Illustration Friday - Clutter

Reunion Part 4 - Short story

**To start at the beginning of the story, click here**

“So what do you guys think we’ll do once we get there?” I asked.

“We’ll probably just hang around the house tonight and catch up. Then go shop for stuff to take up into the mountains with us,” mom answered.

I waited, but seeing no other information was forthcoming I pressed on, “What time do you think we’ll leave tomorrow?” I questioned, knowing that it would more than likely be earlier than I wanted to get up.

“As early as we can,” dad replied.

Giving up, I leaned back and sighed. I knew it, it seemed like I always had to get up earlier than I wanted to. Oh well, I thought to myself, the mountains are worth it. I closed my eyes picturing their grandeur and inevitably thought of Kally and all of the time we’d spent together there. I thought of all the time we’d spent together telling stories and secrets, the late nights we’d talked and giggled until being told to go to sleep and then of the long period of time that had passed since we’d even written to one another. Since then my friendships had all been rocky. I hadn’t had any other friends with whom I could share everything and know that they would understand.

Kally and I had spent the weeks we had together forming our own personal club ( the two of us being the only members), imagining the life we would share. We would go to the same college, then after that we would live across the street from each other. We would marry guys who were friends, and our children would grow up friends. The plans for our future went on and on. After a while my thoughts trailed off as the monotonous motion lulled me to sleep.

**To read Part 5, click here.**

Notebook Cuteness

Quite some time ago I bought this cute little Gocco Printed Moleskine Notebook from Rania Hassan of GoshDarnKnit and some fun stickers as well. I think she does some nifty work!

Lost Pigeon

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Here's a pic of the tame pigeon who's been hanging around our house. He'll let me get within a foot or so of him. We think maybe he flew into our kitchen window cuz there is a white and gray feather stuck to it.

I'm thinking he was someone's pet and got a way because of how close he'll let me get to him and his apparent lack of outdoor savvy. I'm afraid he'll get eaten by the wild cats or a bigger bird. Anyway missing a pigeon?

Earth and Charm

The elegant simplicity of this piece really appeals to me today... Earth and Charm necklace from Elisa Shere Jewelry.

Airstream Earrings

These Airstream earrings from Charm Star crack me up. :) She's also got banana earrings and a cute deer pendant, check it out!

Grumpy Toad in a Pot

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here's another pic of the toad living in my little pot. He gets stands up and stares me down if I take to many pics of him, water my pant, or move the pot. I don't know why he's so grumpy. Or why he is living in this little pot.

I hope he's not planning on living here for the winter because I'm guessing that would be a rather chilly spot. Unless Jo takes them to Texas before winter... Want a grumpy toad too??

Reunion Part 3 - Short Story

**To start at the beginning of the story, click here**

Suddenly, the van headed off to the right and off balance I fell over, knocking my head on the window. Dad followed the exit ramp and drove into the first gas station. Rolling my eyes and grumbling, I climbed out of the car stretching my aching limbs. Turning, I waited for my mom and we walked into the store together.

“Do you need to go to the bathroom, Lily?” my mom asked me in a resonant voice. Blushing, I mumbled no and walked in the opposite direction. A cute cashier guy looked at me and smiled, but lost in my own world, I ignored his attention. I headed for the magazines with my head lowered and plowed into someone. I looked up relieved to see that it was Joe until I saw the frown that had darkened his features.

“I’m sorry Joe, I wasn’t watching where I was going,” I said, calmly, hoping to smooth over the moment. His features softened, but he didn’t say anything he just turned back to the magazines. I rolled my eyes again and started flipping through a magazine. Smiling at my dad when he came in the door, I noticed his harried look that he always gets when we travel.

On the road once again, I leaned forward to attempt a conversation with my parents.

“So what do you guys think we’ll do once we get there?” I asked.

**To read part 4, click here.**

Feelin' squirrelly?