Peep Growling....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Peep was growling in her crib one morning last week.  She's a funny girl.  :D

Etsy Love...

3 1/2 Months Old...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Peep has been changing so much lately.  She has started babbling and cooing and motorboating her lips a ton more.  Just today she talked most of the day!  She was totally wound up last night and wouldn't go to sleep, perhaps because she wanted to socialize.

She's been grabbing things and putting them in her mouth.  She'll spend time entertaining herself in her play yard or with toys on a blanket (which is new, before she needed constant attention or yelling ensued).  She's gotten to where not every time she cries is an all out meltdown of sobbing like it was there for a while.  Sometimes it's a little gurgly/talking cry and other times it's a yell.  :D

She was yelling the other evening when I was trying to feed her.  Hubs gets home from work and walks up and says hi to her.  She immediately stops yelling and beams him a big smile.  The little imp!  She sure loves the dad.

Tonight I rolled her over onto her stomach and she landed with her elbows bent by her side propping her head up!  Then I helped her roll back over.  I rolled her back onto her stomach and she rolled onto her back all by herself!!  What a little smarty.  It's amazing to watch her grow and change.