Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cupcake Girl
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So yesterday I started my homework for my Scuba Diving class this weekend... I'm excited that I'll be certified to dive for C and my's beach trip, but I'm not so excited about a weekend of claaaassss (said with nerdy nasal drawl). **sigh*

But I have been getting a ton done lately, I've got peas, forget me nots, alyssum, tea roses and many other lovelies starting to sprout in various places at the house. My mom gave me some starts of different plants (coneflower, lamb's ear, etc.). So barring any incidents (ie. forgetting to water them for weeks) they should be lovely this summer.

I finished my illustration for Dirt Rag, but I don't know if it will get published or not. Once it does (or I find out it won't) I'll post it. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Biking fun!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Track stand slammin' a Dew
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Fixpert !.

This isn't me, unfortunately I do not have this kinda balance... But it makes me think it's time to get serious and get busy biking!! C and I have done some casual rides at the lake, but I need to get out on my mountain bike and hit the trails hard to get in shape for the summer. :)

My body will get in better shape, but if previous years are any evidence my legs will suffer. I do tend to take some big spills (more since I switched to clipless pedals than in the past) and it shows in the damage to my legs. Ah well, I'm proud of my wounds!! Shows I'm not a couch monkey. (no offense intended to any couch monkeys reading this blog while sitting on their couch eating potato chips).

My condolences to those who lost family and/or friends in the Virginia Tech shooting. What a sad story. It makes me wonder how a person gets so angry, so lost that they can commit such a heinous act. Very sad.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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I'm doing an illustration for Dirt Rag magazine!! I'm so excited. :) I started on it last night... You'll just have to wait to see the finished project though... tee hee

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Friday, April 6, 2007

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This is a painting I just finished last night and I'm so in love with it!! Silly I know, but that's just how I roll. :)

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter...



Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Look at all those layers
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Yesterday C and I went to K and N's house because it was N's birthday. Happy Birthday N! :)

K bought a lovely large layered cake (not actually pictured here, this is just a stand in cake) and doled out ENORMOUS slices. I'm not sure the last time I injested that much sugar in so little time. My heart started racing and my palms got sweaty so I left the last little bit on my plate, otherwise I'd have had to lay on the floor and do some deep breathing or something.

Much fun was had... N got a lovely ring from her husband and other assorted presents. I gave her a cd - Zero 7 - When It Falls and her husband mocked it. Ah well, not everyone knows great music when they hear it. heh heh heh... ha!

Nothing else to report... Except maybe that I'm feeling blech and crotchety today. I don't know what my malfunction is. Grrr and argh. This is one of those days when I want to get up, walk out of work and just see what else is out there for me. I'm a bit sick of the norm, sick of the BS and sick. ah well, it's almost five at which point I'll go home and get a big hug from C. **sigh**


Monday, April 2, 2007


Red-winged Blackbird.

I saw one of these beauties on my way to work today. I turned a corner and there he sat on a bush, pretty as you please. You just gotta love spring.

The weekend was fun, but flew by as usual. Friday night we went go-cart racing with a bunch of peeps. CRAZY! These little carts can go up to 40 or so mph. Doesn't sound too fast, but when you are very low on the ground zipping around a track, it feels pretty darn fast! I averaged 31 mph. Hubs and J* averaged 39 mph! They passed me a few times. I tried to keep up with them once after they passed, but just couldn't do it.

Saturday morning I took my mtn bike to the shop. The gears are slipping and no one can seem to adjust it right. Hopefully I'll get it back and it'll be good to go for the summer. Last summer a friend replaced my cables, chain, rear derailluer and rear cassette...

K brought his Jeep over and Hubs and J helped him replace the brakes. J started cutting and welding to make the cab of his dune buggy taller so he doesn't hit his head on the roll bar. D Jr. spent some time regaling me with Ninja Turtles tales, while I dug some in my new garden plot and pulled weeds (or wild onions?) out of the bed behind the house.. He's a hoot that kid. :)

Saturday night Hubs and I watched From Beijing with Love a Stephen Chow parody of the James Bond movies. It was pretty funny, at least partly because it was translated so badly. At times I wasn't quite sure what they were talking about. Favorite line: "Chai, it's a sh*t".

Sunday I dug more in my garden (YEESH! It's full of root-bound grass and tough to dig. I can only dig a few feet wide swath at a time.) and planted some peas. Hubs worked on the orange truck, fixed the blinker, etc. He's so good at working on cars. He says it's been a lot of trial and error, whatever, he's good.

We took a picnic lunch to Smithville Lake and went for a ride. We stopped a ways along at a shelter and ate. It was so windy that it was cold, whereas on the trail it was pretty warm. Ahhh spring. Pooch ran his little heart out and was dragging at the end of the ride. You could tell he was hot because he ran out into the lake a couple times and laid down in one mud puddle. haha! He loves to go out there, you can tell by the way he sprints around.

We got back, took a nap and then went back to work. Hubs fixed the rear axle on his truck and I planted Forget Me Nots beside the front porch. I hope they come up, it should be pretty.

And that my friends, is our busy busy weekend... I'm worn out today and my shoulders hurt from cart racing and digging. :)