Illustration Friday, ATC swap

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Cowgirl June
Originally uploaded by MagpieSkinny.

Pirate Bess
Originally uploaded by MagpieSkinny.

These are some paintings I did for an ATC swap-Bad Girls. I painted seven little ladies last night, all cowgirls and pirates. Woulda been a bit more original, but I was working under a deadline and my nose was way plugged up. ugh.

Illustration Friday's topic was spring... I think these girls look springy, so I'm going to use them for that as well. Enjoy!


Ellen said...

Love your work! Fun and colourful!

trowbridge chronicles said...

I like your cute, simple, colorful style.

paradies team said...
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I have a thing for cowgirls and pirates! These two are an especially cute and charming pair.