Friday, May 26, 2006

Under Water
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Here's an illy I did recently... :) I haven't been posting or arting much lately, need to rectify that!

So lately... I've been kinda bored. I don't know why, I've been super busy, running around socializing and attempting to get my own stuff done... And yet I'm bored. I've heard the saying, if you're bored then you must be boring.. Hmm....

Anyway, I went to C's last night and mowed with his tractor mower, felt pretty impressed with my studliness until I nearly got it stuck in a corner and couldn't get it to go in reverse. ha! But I made it out. Still kinda looks like a drunk monkey is doing the job, but I'll get better.

C gets back next week sometime... gotta say I really, really miss him. Before he left I made him a fake newspaper article with this, talking about his trip. :D very fun tool.

Then I went to BL's b-day party. He's a hoot that boy and so is A. I really really enjoy my friends. I know some amazingly kind, funny people.

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