Boas Festas! - Happy Holidays in Portugese

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boas Festas!
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This was from a flickr friend... :)

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and ate lots of yummy food. I had a great time, seeing family and my two little nephews. One a year and a half old, the other 6 mo. old. They're a hoot.

Little E., the one year old, got a wagon and my dad took him outside to give him a ride in it. When they came back in he kept saying Moo in kind of a low voice and pointing at the sky. Dad translated, Moo is Moon. Ha!

Little J. is a squealer. He's pretty entertaining, but can get pretty loud. He's got a Johnny Jump up so when you hold him up so he's standing on your lap he jumps and jumps, squealing all the while. :D

Gotta love the munchkins!!

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