Bad morning..

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I left the house at 7:30 thinking I would have plenty of time to get to work. Only I couldn't get the car up the hump at the end of the driveway so i drove out into the yard to try to turn it around and got stuck with my "performance" (translation- crap on ice) tires. I shoulda just tried to scrape the end of the drive, but nooooooo.

Then after scraping and kitty littering the driveway I attempt to back C's giant diesel truck outta the driveway. It took me like 4 tries because the middle of the long drive is slicker than whale blubber and I kept losing my momentum while I was trying to look and see if any cars were coming. What a nightmare.

Then some d-bag on 435 gets RIGHT on my bumper and I gotta tell you by this point my nerves were a bit frayed. I gave him the death stare in the rearview, yelled at him and blared my horn. To which he responded by mocking me bobbing his head around and then I flipped him off. My mom would be appalled. Why do people tailgate? I was on a 3 lane road, in the far right, "slow" lane, going the speed limit. SERIOUSLY!

But I'm gonna pause, breathe and try to reclaim this day. Oooooomm. :) Of course somehow I have to get in and outta the driveway tonight to get the dog and take him to the kennel. That should be interesting!

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