Monday, January 26, 2009

20 weeks 4 days preggo

Hubs and I went out to see AVP Volleyball Friday night with some friends and most of us met up at a bar beforehand for a bite to eat. Oddly enough there were news cameras there interviewing peeps (not us). I tried my first non-alcoholic beer and would you believe it, we ended up on tv! A couple people from work saw it. Whoops! :D

We went to see J&J and the kids on Sat. J and Hubs took E* for a bike ride around the block. When they got back his mom asked "how was your ride?" To which E* replies, "my underwear's all bunched up!!"
Later we were all sitting in the living room and I look over to see K* standing beside Hubs's chair trying get a leg up to crawl up and sit on his lap. He's totally oblivious. I pointed it out and he says, "Oh! You want up here?" She sat on his lap and played with the nifty gloves he'd gotten for Christmas that have lights in the pointer fingers. She's such a pretty little thing and has the cutest little giggle.
J* would do this thing where they get on his shoulders and he revs up, kind jogging in place and then runs down the hall with each of them on his shoulders. He did E*'s turn and then we hear a little voice from another room pipe up, "My turn, Daddy!"


Anonymous said...

Wow, can't wait to meet her. Chuck's artist friend, Russ.

Meg Miller said...

Thanks Russ!! We need to get out there and visit you guys. Maybe this summer we can bring the kidlet... :D