January 2010!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or Happy whatever holiday you celebrate!) and a fun New Year's Eve.  

Random moments with Peep in the last couple months...

Picking her up in the night to feed her and she says "Eeep!  huh uh huh uh huh uh grwww"

Picking her up in the morning and she hugs my head.

Picking her up in the morning and she comes at me mouth open like she's gonna latch on my neck - HUNGRY!

Discovering squealing and doing it ALL DAY LONG, progressively getting louder and louder.

Scooting to the side one night to get a toy and then getting up on one knee to scoot too the side the next day, in front of the parents as teachers lady.  She thought Peep might crawl right there and then!  Not so far, but she is getting up on all fours and she almost did an army crawl yesterday.

Doing her funny chuckle when you get her belly.

Raising her eyebrows when you talk to her.

Sitting up all on her own.  She was close for a while and then one day she just could do it.

Waving at me (she did it 3 times in a row after I waved at her).

She is growing and changing so fast, it's unbelievable...  What a little wonder she is.  :)

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