Merry Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

My what a difference a year makes.  Peep has changed SO much it's hard to believe.  This is her, last Christmas, click here.

Now she is talking saying new words every day.  She is walking, running, climbing.  She has been walking around with her afghan on her head.  She comes up and hugs me and pats me on the back looking like Cousin It.  She's been sleeping through the night since July.  Loves dogs, babies, kids, people, horses, and on and on.  Talks about her Papa (which I've learned she calls Nana too, so it's grandparent encompassing) and cousin K* all the time, along with our dog and the neighbors dog.  She loves for her daddy to hide under a blanket sitting on the couch, she pulls the blanket off and he chases her snorting and growling.  She laughs her head off and the minute he stops she says and signs "more?".

To add to our joy, we are expecting baby #2.  We're excited and nervous...  I'm not sure how I will corral two munchkins and get them out of the house, it'll be interesting!

Safe travels everyone!  See you next year!

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Michelle said...

Congrats on baby #2!! We are going to have our baby #2 this month!! :)