Peep speak...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's so amazing watching Peep learn to talk...

Some of the words she puts her own interesting twist on:
Milk - molk, molko, MOLKOOOOOO
Snack - nack, nacko
Pumpkin - pumpball
Nana - papa, mom-o, nani
Dog - dado, dawg
Cousin - E-hee, E, E-an
J Cousins and J aunt, uncle - Geegee
Tractor - dracdoor

She says a bunch of other words and in the last few weeks has started repeating words we say, what a little character.

Some funny stories of late.

This a.m. I go in to Peep's room to get her up and instead of her usual speech (daddy, papa, booboo, baby, etc.), she says, "Uh oh."  I take a closer look and she'd pulled one of her arms out of her pajamas.  I went and got the camera and she smiled really big for a picture. haha!

Yesterday I was in the kitchen writing a grocery list and Peep runs up, hands me her diaper and says, "I take this off."  Then runs away.  I had to chase her around and around before I finally caught the naked little character.

I took her downstairs at my folks over Christmas and changed her diaper and took off her pajamas. She got away from my mom and I and went all the way upstairs by herself.  Once she got up there she started running up and down the house giggling and shrieking.  She loves putting one over on her Mommy.  :D

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