Thursday, March 10, 2011

I told Peep the morning we were leaving that we needed to eat breakfast because we were leaving to go to Florida.  She went to the front door, reached for the handle and said, "Me me ah Florida."

Her speech and vocab have improved so much in the past week, it's incredible.  She's got a big thing with, "Oh no!" lately.  As in, "Oh no, my bucket (baby, blankie, penny, juice, milk, etc.)!"

An allehhh-yator (Peep's pronunciation) we spotted behind our cottage.

We laid her down in our inn room for a nap (in a pack n play, bless you Anchor Inn & Cottages!!) and we laid down to take a nap too.  Peep says, "Hi, Momma. Hi, Momma. Hi, Momma."  I didn't respond.  Then she says, "Momma sleep. Night night Momma, night night!" I hear her lay down.  Approx. 30 seconds later she stands up and repeats the process.  She did that, oh, 3 or 4 times.  I'm just laying there trying not to laugh out loud.

She ADORED the beach. She'd have spent all day there, no problem.  I don't even think she would have stopped for lunch. She waded into the surf, scooped sand with her shovel and bucket, watched people, picked up shells, followed seagulls and other birds around (that was too cute).

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