Peep speak, boy has it changed!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peep is growing up so fast and talking more every day. Some of the things she's been saying lately:

-In response to, "Do you want chicken for lunch?" "I want a hoc (hot) dog... and chips."
-"I oh (lo) you Mama (Daddy, etc.)."  Love you
-Hubs kissed me goodbye one morning and Peep said, "I want a kiss!"
-On the phone with her daddy, "Hello Daddy! Book Daddy? (She says pointing at the book in her lap) Daddy doing? Workt Daddy workt? See you Daddy!"
-Talking to Nana and Papa, she turns the phone to her feet cuz she's taken off her shoes and socks, " See! My toes! My toes! See Papa/Nana?"
-Simmin/simmie pool - swimming pool
-Clippered the big dog - Clifford the big red dog
-Ning room - Living room
-Heard alot, "Come on Mommy/Daddy!" She's always wanting us to go with her to the "ning" room and play after meals. But she says it all the time, she needs someone (a brother?) to follow her around. :D
-"I cutesy!" When leaving the bank after all the ladies/tellers said she was cute. And modest too!
-"I pity gir!" After putting on a new outfit from Nana.
-"Abc, abc, abc, abc." She even fills in sometimes, she said, "l m n o p" and then "y" at the right time.
-She's working on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, first Tickle tickle star star star and now "Tinkle tinkle star star star."

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