2013 - What a marvelous year!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! 
I hope 2014 is full of happiness, health and success (even if it's just little ones) for all of you! 

Hello 2014

Word for the year - Intentional inˈtenCHənl/ adjective 1. done on purpose; deliberate.
For 2014, I want to be more deliberate in all I do. More intentional with my words, actions, time, purchases.

I want to attend Kansas or Missouri SCWBI Conference.
Study more craft books with Word by Worders, read more here, join here.
Attend a writing retreat or conference farther afield.
Write, revise, polish, SUBMIT! :)

Peep will be going to kindergarten in the fall. ACK! I'm not ready.
Speed will be going to preschool in the fall. Double ACK! My baby!!

Juice, eat healthier, exercise more. 5k with Tamara in the spring.

Continue to shed old junk, be intentional with any new purchases, keep it simple. :)

Goodbye 2013
I like Alayne's idea of celebrating the new year by looking over accomplishments from the previous year! Check out her post here, JUST SAY NO TO NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS WITH THIRTY-ONE JUST FOR FUN.  I didn't end up with 31, but here are mine. :D

In January of 2013, I was feeling blah and looking for a challenge. So I decided to seriously pursue writing picture books. Pursuing my dream, made for a fun and busy year. I went whole hog into the journey.

1. Made a lot of WONDERFUL writing friends. THIS made 2014 for me! Thank you friends, you are amazing, supportive and fun. You make this picture book writing journey the wonderful thing it is!
2. Joined SCBWI,
3. Joined Julie Hedlund's 12x12 - I wrote 24 rough drafts this year!
4. Took Mira Reisburg's class The Craft and Business of Picture Book Writing
5. Took Susanna Leonard Hill's class Making Picture Book Magic
6. Rocked Paula Yoo's NaPiBoWriWee Challenge - 7 rough drafts in 7 days, won a t-shirt too!
7. Created the revision challenge, ReviMo - Revise More Picture Books, Jan 12-18th, 2014
8. Attended a Highlights Foundation Workshop - The Power of a Picture Book - amazing experience
9. Attended the Kansas SCBWI Fall Conference, great speakers and critique from Andrea Welch.
10. Rocked Tara Lazar's PiBoIdMo - Tallied up 38 picture book ideas!
11. Joined critique groups! I'm in two wonderful groups, such a help to my writing.
12. Had a critique with Simone Kaplan, what an eye opener to the flaws in my story.
13. Started Word by Word to study Ann Whitford Paul's Writing Picture Books read more here, join here.
14. Submitted some stories, got some rejections, stepping stones to success!
15. Took a Writer's Digest Webinar with Danielle Smith, great feedback in her critique.
16. Joined several different online writing groups.

17. Peep (4 1/2) and Speed (2 1/2) are growing up so fast. They say the funniest things.
Peep loves Pre-K, she's such a social butterfly. Speed is his own funny little person, with a bit of an attitude!

18. Ran the Electric Run 5K with Tamara. I've not been jogging like I was, but I'm going to get back at it. I feel so strong and awesome when I'm exercising.
19.Watched Hungry for Change and started juicing.

20. I had a revelation about simplifying in Sept. We've gotten rid of so much stuff, donating what we could, trashing the rest. It feels amazing to have less stuff. We have more to do in 2014!

And more
21. We found a church we like and have been attending Sunday school in a great group. What a blessing.
22. A good friend invited me to study Priscilla Shirer's Gideon with her and some friends. I love the study and the group, they're a great bunch of ladies. More friends! :D
23. A friend invited people to join her studying the bible through a Good Morning Girls Thanksgiving Study. Loved it. I've since done the Advent study and will do their next study, Intentionally Focused.


Joanne Sher said...

Sounds like you had a FABULOUS year - and that this next year will be even better! Praying that for ya - and looking forward to joining you for ReviMo (and 12x12 - saw you won the membership! Doing it myself for the first time :)).

You GO girl!. My word is CONTENT. Ohhhh boy ;)

pennyklostermann said...

Wow, Meg! What a year. You really accomplished a lot! So glad we're connected! Here's to a productive 2014!

MegMillerWrites said...

Me too, you're an amazing lady!!! Happy, productive 2014 to you too!!!! :D

MegMillerWrites said...

It really was.... :D Excellent word Joanne! I'm working on that a bit myself. :D Thank you! You'll like ReviMo, are you doing Gold? Happy, happy 2014!!! :)

Vivian Kirkfield said...

Love your intentional mindset - understand how important it is to simplify - love the juicing - understand how difficult it is to stick to healthier habits - love that both your kids will be at school at least part of the day so you have more time to write/revise/submit - understand how hard it is to let them go.
Congrats, Meg...you've done so much in 2013...and I applaud your 2014 plans...I'm thrilled to be journeying along with you.:)

MegMillerWrites said...

Thank you Vivian! I couldn't ask for better person to journey with! All my lovely kidlit friends have made 2013 the wonderful year it was. Wishing you a happy, healthy, productive 2014! I'm excited to get busy painting after ReviMo and 'toon you. :D

Joanne Sher said...

Hey - wanna TRADE words? LOL Yours sounds more palatable to me ;). Looking forward to ReviMo AND 12x12 - though I'm just doing bronze. I've only really been writing picture books seriously for a few months. I know me - if I did gold, I'd submit before I was ready. Gotta LEARN first :D. Happy 2014 to you too!

Robyn Campbell said...

I LOVE to jog too, Meg. But of course, we all know horseback riding is my MAIN COOLEST, FUNNEST, of all exercising. I also go on the elliptical (only if I haven't done the above). Sounds like you're on the right track. Juicing and vegetarian lifestyle is our thing too. Going to take Christopher to a holistic doc Monday. I'm really down about the problems he's having. It pulls me down with worry. Especially when I hear of other Sturge-Weber Syndrome kids dying. So I am taking matters into my own hands and going to this holistic doc. Anyway, YOU'RE AWESOME, pal!

Joanne Roberts said...

Congratulations on a year any writer would be proud of. 'Looking forward to Revi Mo. I've got 6 PB manuscripts lined up and ready to revise. From complete tear-downs, to new endings, to mash-ups, I've set myself quite a challenge. I hope to post a few tips this week too, to get everyone revved up for Revi Mo!!! Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

MegMillerWrites said...

Wow, you are fired up Joanne! Hope you have an awesome ReviMo week. I can't wait to revise with you all. Be sure to let us know how your week goes! :D

MegMillerWrites said...

I enjoy horse riding too! I'm limited though as I don't own a horse. LOL! :D Someday perhaps... I've been doing the elliptical myself lately! Too cold outside to jog and this way my short people run around the basement while I exercise. :D

I hope you find some answers for Christopher... Have you seen the movie Hungry For Change? It does seem like diet can help with some health problems. I've been keeping him in my prayers too. :)


Robyn Campbell said...

Oh gosh Meg, this makes me feel so good. The prayers for my baby are truly coveted!

P.S. my elliptical is in the basement too. :-)

Pamela Courtney said...

WOW, you had an amazing year! I am proud of all you've done, CHEERS! I am so nervous about some of my drafts. There are a few I haven't looked at in over a year. They frighten me. YIKES! But with the support of this community, I know you'll help me through the rough patches of editing.