ReviMo Day 4 - The Annual Broccoli Hunt

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Today I'd like you to start your revisions by looking for your intuition, your "broccoli" as Anne Lamott calls it. That little voice inside you, it is how you "KNOW what your character will do.

Anne says we lose our intuition as kids. I think I misplaced mine in between to do lists and too little time spent daydreaming.

To reconnect with your intuition, quiet your mind and give your intuition some room to breathe. If you give it some space it "wafts up from the soul", but crowd it and it "becomes a fitful little flame." Too much "manic attention" and it will be blown out. [Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird]

So before you revise today, let your mind wander and wonder a while.

Happy intuitioning!

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