2nd Annual ReviMo - Revise More Picture Books Week
*January 11th-17th, 2015*

ReviMo - Revise More Picture Books Challenge

Got picture book drafts piled up collecting dust? Have critiques for your story, but haven't done a darn thing to improve it? Maybe haven't even read the critiques? Need a jump start to revise? ReviMo is for you!

Each ReviMo, you will be encouraged to REVISE those picture book manuscripts. There will be blogs, graphics (and perhaps vlogs) encouraging you to take out that poopy first (second, third, fifteenth) draft and breathe new life into it. I hope you will join us!

How do you ReviMo, you ask? Check out the inspirational blog posts, revise and comment. Join the Facebook group (click HERE), if you'd like! Questions? Comment below or email me.

Past ReviMo's:
Petite ReviMo's:
February    Day 1 Nancy Furstinger           Day 2 Choose Your Own Adventure
March         Day 1 Stacy Jensen                   Day 2 Margo Dill   
April           Day 1 Angie Karcher                Day 2 Michelle Lynn Senters
May            Day 1 Marsha Diane Arnold    Day 2 Doris Stone


CA Clark said...

Yay for revision encouragement. Thanks Meg

Meg Miller said...

Thanks Cecilia! So happy to help. You guys are great encouragement for me as well!!! :D