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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Track stand slammin' a Dew
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Fixpert !.

This isn't me, unfortunately I do not have this kinda balance... But it makes me think it's time to get serious and get busy biking!! C and I have done some casual rides at the lake, but I need to get out on my mountain bike and hit the trails hard to get in shape for the summer. :)

My body will get in better shape, but if previous years are any evidence my legs will suffer. I do tend to take some big spills (more since I switched to clipless pedals than in the past) and it shows in the damage to my legs. Ah well, I'm proud of my wounds!! Shows I'm not a couch monkey. (no offense intended to any couch monkeys reading this blog while sitting on their couch eating potato chips).

My condolences to those who lost family and/or friends in the Virginia Tech shooting. What a sad story. It makes me wonder how a person gets so angry, so lost that they can commit such a heinous act. Very sad.

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