TGIF! :)

Friday, November 4, 2005

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So today I thought I'd put Margot's Plushrooms as my image. I like her stuffed animals and her art, it makes me chuckle. :)

I am still moving.... *sigh* Can't wait to settle into the new crib!

I'm going to a bonfire tomorrow night, yay! I love bein' outdoors. Have I mentioned that I really dig mountain biking? Not so you'd notice, cuz I haven't been in ages, but what a fun sport. I gotta get on that. I even bought some fleece lined bike pants. I'm all set! Bike geek, computer geek, book worm. wow, i'm cool.. ha!


Aimee said...

Mountain biking is so much fun! I love it too. It's sad because I didn't even go this past summer, and now it is pretty cold. Although, I used to go in the snow sometimes... LOL! I am a bookworm too. :)

Meg Miller said...

You like mountain biking too?? Very cool!! :) I need to get out and bike soon, especially since we are having such lovely fall weather.